The Friendship Factory is a company who is thankful to call Michigan home. We were originated by a local grandfather from Clinton Township, Michigan. His vision was to create craft kits that became a helping hand for not only his granddaughters, but all crafters! Today, these craft kits are the core projects here at The Friendship Factory in Downtown Rochester, located at 210 West University, just west of Main Street. Families can come in and beat the winter blues by crafting together! We’re giving children a place to unplug from life and use their hands to create bracelets, buttons, barrettes and more in our Craft Studio. Just like the child, every craft they form becomes a unique creation. With My Friendship Bracelet Maker, crafters will exercise their fine motor skills in designing bracelets knot by knot. My Image Bracelet Maker leads kids into organization skills by choosing a pattern of colors for their image tiles and the planning of which photo will glue where. Crafters will use hand eye coordination to weave ribbons over and under on My Ribbon Barrette Maker creating a unique clip. Whether kids craft in store, take home a kit, or use one in free time at school, The Friendship Factory wants to inspire socialization with our crafts. There’s no truer gift from the heart, than one that is hand-made! Plus we can all use time to just sit down with each other face to face and reconnect without electronics occupying our attention.

The real hidden treasure at The Friendship Factory is our events! Cold winter months are perfect for birthday parties, indoor events and crafting. We have classes for art techniques in many different mediums such as learning to paint, sewing, knitting, knotting friendship bracelets and more. Our staff is highly creative and ready to inspire crafters to get their hands busy and create a work of art. Our workers design many events in house to fit students in our community beyond just crafting, including workshops to promote anti-bullying, self-worth, friendship building exercises, and ways to handle the struggles that kids face today. The Friendship Factory is pro-friendship, bring your friends in to craft a memory they will not soon forget! Find out more at