We're excited to honor our troops this Memorial Day! In the midst of the BBQs, cookouts, games and fun, don't forget to say a prayer for our troops or participate in a moment of silence for those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom..


We've come up with some ways you can sport your Memorial Day spirit this year! Check out these awesome crafts.


For a pariotic friendship bracelet, try out our "Stars and Stripes" pattern,                                                                          complete with an instructional video HERE.


One of our crafters told us they're having a kids craft table at their Memorial Day party, complete with My Image Bracelet Maker for image bracelets and My Image Button Maker for buttons. In addition, she is using a white paper tablecloth so that the kids can color right on the table! We thought it was such a great idea that we wanted to share it with you as well.

Here's an image card you can use for My Image Bracelet Maker:

And here's one for My Image Button Maker:


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our servicemen, both past and present, for your commitment and sacrifice. Everyone, have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!