Choose Confidence, Choose Friendship
Craft up skills today!

Did you know crafting isn't just for fun? Choose Friendship crafting kits immerse kids in an artistic experience! Crafting is a way for kids to express their emotions symbolically through art,  strengthening their physical, communicative, and social emotional skills!


Products with strings such as My Friendship Bracelet MakerMy Chord MakerMy Lanyard Maker and My Ribbon Barrette Maker strengthen physical fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! By tying knots, kids develop the small muscles in their hands. These crafts can build up a crafter's dexterity!

Crafting kits with image products such as My Image Bracelet Maker and My Image Button Maker build social emotional and communicative skills! By choosing colorful image tiles and photos for their crafts, kids practice self expression. Sharing their art and bracelets creates new opportunities to communicate.
Don't forget to add personal flair to your crafts, use My Photo Sizer to add personalized photos!