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6 Facts About Friendship Bracelets


1. Friendship bracelets have been around for centuries and were originated in Central America. There are even some records dating them back over 200 years B.C. from China. That's mind-blowing!

2. As tradition goes, one gives a friendship bracelet to someone who has a wish. They then wear the bracelet until it's worn out and falls off, at which point, the wish is said to come true.

3. Friendship bracelets were originally solely made by tying knots with embroidery floss or yarn to create intricate patterns. Today, they are made using jewels, metals and many different kind of "string" or materials.

4. Each color has its own meaning when used in a friendship bracelet. You can see what the colors mean HERE.

5. Friendship bracelets are ancient, but their resurgence is modern. The modern popularity of friendship bracelets started in the 1980s when they were seen during protests about the disappearances of Mayan Indians and peasants in Guatemala. The friendship bracelets were brought into the United States by religious groups for use in political rallies. 

6. Friendship bracelets were made using whatever tools were available such as attaching string to the floor or another hard surface or having one person hold one end while the other person designs and creates the bracelet.


As you can see, friendship bracelets are truly an important and historic symbol of friendship. The cool thing is, you can make them YOURSELF! Do you have any cool patterns of designs you've made lately? We'd love to see them! Just comment below or send an email to