There are a million reasons to thank someone and with the school year ending, some very deserving "thank-yous" go to our teachers. I mean, without teachers, there wouldn't be school. And if there wasn't school, there wouldn't be a summer vacation!

Gifts are tokens of one's feelings and should be given often. With that comes an obligation to put a certain amount of thought and personality into the gift. Do you have a certain teacher in mind who really stood out this year and helped you excel? What do you know about them? What things do they like or not like?

We've compiled a short list of some ways to show appreciation to the finest of our educators.


 1. Make something tasty! Perhaps your teacher enjoys a sweet treat or snack. Here are some ideas to show your thanks from the kitchen.

Bake a cupcake and decorate it with red frosting. Use a pretzel stick to create a stem and add a green gummy for a leaf.

For another tasty treat, check out these adorable pretzel and chocolate apples that Two Sisters Crafting created. They would look perfect in a mason jar with a ribbon tied around them! You can check out the recipe here.


2. Capture a special memory from the school year. To share a memory, here are some ways you can create a keepsake for your teacher.

Find a picture frame with a thick border and decorate it with crayons or pencils. Put your favorite picture from the school year in the frame. This is a gift that will last forever.

3. Make a bracelet! Taking the time to make a bracelet is a great way to show your appreciation for all the time your teacher invested in you.

An image bracelet is perfect to compile pictures and memories from the school year. You can do this with My Image Bracelet Maker here.

A friendship bracelet is another great bracelet to give as a gift! For a music teacher, try this cute musical note pattern here



4. Grow some flowers! We really like this idea because there are a couple of ways it can be executed.

First, plant some flowers in a pot and give them as a gift to your teacher. You can even add a little tag or note that says something along the lines of, "Thank you for helping me grow!"

Secondly, plant a garden in honor of your teacher. For example, find a community garden or a charity in which to plant flowers. Then let them know about it in a card or note. 


5. Put together a "goody bag." Everyone likes goodie bags and teachers are no exception! 

Show that you've been paying attention during the school year but adding in all your teacher's favorite goodies. Find a cute way to present the goodies. For example, if your teacher loves tea, put the goodies in teapot or mug. If your teacher likes M&Ms, find a cute container to put them in and decorate however you wish!