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My Lanyard Maker®

LanyardMaker_FrontPage My Lanyard Maker® makesthis all-American arts and crafts favorite easier than ever! Make colorful keychains, backpack pulls and friendship bracelets!

Price: $29.99


Price: $29.99

My Lanyard Maker® Product Description

• Center Lace Holder lets crafters create both square and round lanyards
• S-hook attachment makes it easy to create flat plastic friendship bracelets
• Telescoping tube on bottom guides Lace Holder down the center and keeps your lanyard straight
• (12) metal key rings
• (12) plastic key rings in 6 colors
• (100) pony beads in 10 colors
• (18) flat plastic laces in 9 colors, 48 inches long
• (12) round plastic laces in 6 colors, 72 inches long


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